Is Legit - Can I Trust It

Is Legit – Can I Trust It

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Car buyers frequently question the legitimacy of because it can be difficult to find reliable, affordable auto parts online.

Can you trust Yes, it is; even though has received some unfavorable reviews, there are also some positive ones to be found, as well as a business that makes an effort to get in touch with clients who are experiencing difficulties.

How do we know is a real company? To find out how was rated and whether or not they had helpful customer service information, we looked at a few websites. We also gained some knowledge about the goods they sell.

We have been in the garage and have placed an online order for auto parts. We are also adept at determining whether an online business is trustworthy and will treat you fairly. Better Business Bureau, SiteJabber, and ResellerRatings are reliable sources for information on customer service.

What is

Located in the United States, is a reputable online retailer of aftermarket auto parts. They sell replacement parts for vehicles, but those parts are not produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). provides a simple online platform for customers to find and purchase the correct replacement parts.

It is entirely legal for aftermarket auto parts suppliers like to sell parts that are made to replace a broken original equipment component of a vehicle. However, there is a slight possibility that using aftermarket parts could result in the parts being incompatible with your car. Some insurance cover may also be affected when replacing the car’s original parts with aftermarket parts.

Is Legit?

We are first going to say that we measure “legit” in a particular way.

  • Will you receive the item you ordered?
  • Is there a secure way to make payments on the website?
  • Does the company offer customer service and refunds?
  • Can you contact the company?
  • Do you respond positively to unfavorable customer reviews?

Yes, to all of the aforementioned statements.

The Pros and Cons of


  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Good customer service
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy ordering process
  • 90 days warranty for defective parts
  • A wide selection of parts is available


  • After Parts are not always covered by insurance
  • Parts may not be compatible
  • Have to wait for parts to arrive

How Do We Know is Legit?

In order to determine whether is authentic, we visited a few websites that offer customer reviews of the company.

Better Business Bureau has an A+ rating on the well known Better Business Bureau website. 225 complaints for a website the size of is not a lot, despite the fact that CarParts receives many written complaints.

However, what’s more significant is that actively addresses each complaint from a customer in full. With numerous complaints marked as resolved, has demonstrated a genuine concern for its customers and their problems.

Companies occasionally fall short of consistently exceeding customer expectations, but at least they take proactive steps to make things right.


Once more, CarParts has grievances on SiteJabber. Using a little context here, keep in mind that “SiteJabber” is clearly an attempt to gather complaints. CarParts does carry a not terrible 3.3 stars out of 5, and the SiteJabber site says they respond to reviews and complaints within 7 hours – which is pretty quick.

Reseller Ratings has a large number of reviews on Reseller Ratings. Their overall rating of 4 stars is pretty good, with more than 150,000 reviews. Customer service and shipping times are highly praised in many of the reviews. ResellerRating is a reliable indicator that, for the most part, you’ll receive from what you expected.

How Does Earn Their Reputation?

Easy Returns

Both a lifetime replacement guarantee and a simple online return process are provided by

A nice feature that might boost’s reputation is the lifetime replacement guarantee. and their customers expert a part to last the lifetime of the vehicle (with the exception of parts that are meant to wear out like brakes, of course) so if a part has a problem, customers can order a new part, remove the old part, and send it back. The only exception discusses is that the guarantee is not transferable. In other words, if you sell your car, the new owner will not be covered by the guarantee for that particular part.

The 90-day return period is also available to customers for any reason.

Customer Service offers phone, email, and live chat customer service. This mixture works well together. Frequently, websites that don’t provide real, or good customer service, offer a single email or don’t make customer server information obvious. puts the information right out there to see so you can make contact if needed.

Is Legit - Can I Trust It

What Problems Do Customers Report?

Shipment delays have been the most prevalent issue recently, according to Customers often order car parts when they have actual issues with their cars – and in many places cars are an essential part of every day life.

Some said that while they waited several days for a shipment to arrive, their car was being disassembled in the garage or driveway. Given that does not deliver their own parts, they are only partially responsible for shipments. This suggests that there may be a local carrier issue, as well as possible buyer impatience. While does have multiple warehouses across the country, they can’t quite guarantee 100% on time shipping.

The recent shortages of auto parts haven’t helped. Any business, but especially one with as many parts as, can experience supply chain problems that make it difficult to obtain inventory. The site doesn’t offer any particular communication about issues, but we hope they offer direct communication via email or text when problems come up.

How Does Fix Customer Service Issues?

While many of the complaints involve shipping issues, customers seem to sometimes just cancel their order when it’s delayed and buy a part locally. The most frequent response from in this circumstance is to issue a refund. Many of the responses to customer service issues given by include the amount refunded and evidence that the issue was solved. Given that the customer received a refund when their expectations were not met, we could say that this was a satisfactory resolution.

How Does Make Money?

The sales generated by the customer services provided by are what pay the bills. Pipe Candy estimates that generated $10 to $25 million in web sales in the last 12 months, with a monthly order volume of 5 to 10,000. Additionally, 9.4 million different users visited their website in February, according to Similar Web.

Seeking Alpha claims that a significant portion of the company’s revenue comes from the sizable under-served but expanding e-commerce market for automotive aftermarket parts and private labels, as well as from’s expansion of its product offering to include mechanical, maintenance, and engine parts.

The Takeaway on If is Legit

In the United States and a few other countries, is a dependable, honorable, and trusted provider of new aftermarket products.

They’re also cheaper than most competing companies because they don’t have physical stores, hence cutting down on operation costs.

They still experience the drawbacks that affect any online store, though. It’s possible that some parts won’t work together, deliveries might be delayed, and their parts aren’t always insured.


Does Have An App?

They don’t seem to have any apps available, so the answer is no. Although, there is a website with a very similar name,, that has an app. To avoid confusion, be sure to separate the two.

Where Are Warehouses Based?

In La Salle, Illinois, Chesapeake, Virginia, Las Vegas, and Grand Prairie, Texas, maintains warehouse operations. In Florida and Jacksonville, they also intend to open new warehouses.

Is Ranked as the Best Auto Parts Company Out There? is currently ranked number 22 among its rivals in the United States by similar web.

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