Rain X Wiper Blades removing

How To Remove Rain X Wiper Blades With Simple Methods

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Rain X wiper blades are known for their high quality and adaptability in inclement weather. One of the advantages of Rain X wiper blades is that they are easy to install and remove. However, be careful when you install or remove any auto accessories. How to remove the wipers?

Quick Steps to Remove Rain X Wiper Blades

  • The wiper arm can be raised by pulling up on it.
  • The wiper blade should be angled so that it is parallel to the wiper arm.
  • When the blade meets the wiper arm, a tab must be disengaged. Pull the blade downward. After doing so, the wiper will be free to slide off the J hook.

How Long Does Rain X Last?

Depending on the weather conditions at the time, the Rain-X treatment on the windshield will last for 3 months. In my experience, the treatment fades within a month in rainy weather but lasts longer in summer.

How To Remove Rain X Wiper Blades

Remove Rain X Wiper Blades

1. Types of wiper arms:

While the Rain-X wiper removal process is not complicated and simple, the process depends on the type of wiper arm. There are 4 types of wiper arms –

  • J hook
  • Bayonet
  • Sliding pin
  • Clamping Tab Buttons

Here, while we’re talking about the exact process of removing the Rain X wiper blades used by the J-hook arms, you can follow the basic rules for other types of setups as well.

2. Follow the steps below to disassemble the scraper arm connected by the J-hook.

  • Pull up on the wiper and keep it up.
  • Pull the wiper blade left or right to release the wiper arm.
  • Pull down on the connecting tab to disconnect it from the J-hook.

Check the following video for more information to remove rain x wiper blades:

How To Install  Rain X Wiper Blades

1. Prepare a new wiper blade by replacing the attachment with another one provided by Rain-X (see instructions)

2. Press the lock button and release the wiper to remove the old wiper blade

3. The new wiper attachment also has a lock button with a small cover – these don’t go into the wiper arm holes!

4. The scraper arm has two guide rails (which can be seen from the bottom)

Line up the new wiper blade with these rails and slide it into the arm. The wiper blade lock button will extend well beyond the end of the wiper arm.

6. Pull the wiper forward into the wiper arm so that the little cover can be set around the button.

When To Change Rain X Wiper Blades?

Rain X is known for its “innovative change in the wiper blade industry”. You’ll notice that an important feature on most Rain X wiper models, like the Rain X Quantum Beam wipers, is the blade replacement indicator. The indicator changes color over time so you can easily decide when to replace the blade. Likewise, when you feel that an existing blade is not working properly, it should be replaced immediately.

Final Words

Small maintenance, like removing old wiper blades or installing new ones, doesn’t require the help of a mechanic. You can easily complete these tasks yourself. We hope you’ve been dealing with it since you already know how to remove Rain X wiper blades.

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