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What Are The Names Of The Different Parts On A Belt?

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Belts are one of the important clothing accessories that we use every day. There are many sizes, types, and shapes of belts on the market. Generally, people wear belts around the waist of their trousers. Typical materials for belts are leather, running shoes, or synthetics. There are many types of belt buckles available that give an impressive look. So, what are the names of the different parts of a belt?

Belt Parts Name

  • The Belt strap
  • Buckle
  • Frame
  • Prongs
  • Bar
  • Loop
  • Tongue
  • End Tip

Parts of Belt

Belt Strap

Belt Strap of Belt

The belt strap is the main component of the seat belt. It is usually made of leather or synthetic material with a leather-like construction. It is the main part of girdle anatomy.

The belt strap is the part that is perforated on the inside and also the part that the prongs go through. Needless to say, the seat belt is the most important part of the belt strap.


Buckle of belt

The belt buckle is the part located at one end of the seat belt. Since seat belts are made up of three main components, belt buckles are just as important as seat belts.

The belt buckle itself consists of three parts: the frame, the prongs, and the stem.


Frame of belt

The frame is the base of the belt buckle. It’s what holds the prongs and bars in place and is the main part of the buckle. This is the part that shows the appearance of the belt buckle.

Buckle racks have an extensive history in old America; in fact, cowboys often need them. They are part of the belt and can be expressed with a unique design.

The frame can be made of different materials. Old-fashioned frames are mostly made of stainless steel. Older designs were made of copper, but this is not the most common material today, as copper is considered an expensive material these days.

They also come in a variety of different shapes such as oval, round, and square.


Prongs of belt

A prong also called a pin, is the pointed portion of a seat belt that goes through a hole in the seat belt. Prongs are usually made of the same material as the belt carrier.

The prongs are the most important part of the belt buckle because they are the parts that hold the seat belt in place.


Bar of belt

The bar is the upper part of the belt buckle. It’s also made from the same frame and tip material. It’s the part of the seat belt that holds the seat belt in place after the prongs are poked into the buckle.

The bar must be strong enough so that the harness is still seated in the prongs. Once the bar comes off, the strap can’t stop it from coming off the pointed part, and the strap loses all its sturdiness.

The only way to compensate for the unsecured bar is the existence of a loop in the belt itself. Without both of those, the seat belt would definitely come off the prongs.


Loop of belt

The loop is the portion of the seat belt that the seat belt passes through after passing through the seat belt frame and prongs. Without loops, the tongue of the belt will hang down your waist.


Tongue of belt

The tongue is on the other end of the belt. This is the part through the loop. The shorter the tongue, the smaller the belt.


So if you want to learn all about the parts of a belt, their names, and their functions, then this article is for you.

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