When Is It Too Cold to Wash Your Car

When Is It Too Cold to Wash Your Car – What To Avoid

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If the temperature is below freezing or below freezing, a car wash is not recommended. That specifically means any temperature between and below 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having said that, this article still has more crucial information and advice to cover. Continue reading to learn more!

How Cold Is Too Cold To Wash Your Car

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. So, you shouldn’t wash your car if the temperature is this high. Why? Because your car will freeze if you don’t dry it out quickly enough after washing it.

The locks, handles, and hinges in particular will be iced shut. I promise you that door jambs are the worst. Even though you might be tempted to quickly hose down your car, it is preferable to wait until it gets warmer.

In general, 49 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is the safe temperature for a car wash. However, between 50 and 89 degrees is where it should be.

What Should You Do When Washing Your Car In A Cold Climate?

Does this imply that you shouldn’t wash your car during the winter? This fatal error is made by many drivers every day, so no, it is not acceptable. Because your car can accumulate a lot of salt mixtures and deposits during the winter, it is actually imperative that you clean it. Salt accumulations are unavoidable because roads are typically covered in layers of salt to reduce slick-road incidents that result in skidding.

Salt corrosion, or the salt eating away at parts of your car, is a common result of this, which is regrettably undesirable. The parts in the undercarriage, like the fuel line in a car, are the most delicate. In the winter, not washing your car can damage the finish. Therefore, you will be required to pay a hefty sum for repairs.

In cold weather, therefore, think about using car washing services rather than a manual car wash.

Options for car wash in the winter are:

Touchless Car Washes

Car washing is simple thanks to these services. Simply drive through and wait for your vehicle to be cleaned. You don’t need to worry about emptying your wallet because they are also fairly inexpensive.

However, the majority of touchless car washes employ high-pressure hoses, which may force salt deeper into any crevices. They frequently use abrasive cleaners and chemicals that might not be suitable for your car’s paint or surface construction.

However, it can also be argued that high-pressure hoses perform a better job of flushing out concealed contaminants in difficult-to-reach areas.

If you choose a touchless car wash, look for ones that have powerful blowers or dryers. This greatly accelerates the drying process and reduces the possibility of water freezing inside or on your vehicle.

Soft Touch Tunnel Washes

These car washing services use gentle foam and felt cloths to clean cars, as suggested by the name. They successfully remove organic matter, including bird droppings, bug splatter, and other tough stains. They also do a good job of cleaning hard-to-reach areas like the front license plate, rears, and rocker panels. With the help of these tunnel washes, you will undoubtedly be thoroughly cleaned.

They are more vulnerable to abrasion and scratches, though, which not only look bad but also harm your wax coating. A dual-wheeled truck, for instance, is one type of vehicle that they cannot accommodate.

Make sure to choose a company with a good reputation if you decide to pursue this course of action. Cheap services might provide subpar equipment that causes more harm than good. Additionally, select a dryer with sturdy blowers and heaters to ensure the drying process and eliminate the possibility of any frozen water forming inside or on the exterior of your car.

When Is It Too Cold to Wash Your Car

Use Lukewarm Water

Additionally, use lukewarm water if you want to wash your car in subfreezing conditions. Verify that the water you use is not already cold.

Water freezing risk is slightly decreased by using lukewarm water. After all, ice formation will be slower if the temperature is not close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You might, however, consider using hotter water.

All things considered, freezing will take longer. What if you just used boiling water, specifically? There is a significant temperature difference.

Any chance that it might freeze before you can dry it off could be eliminated. However, you should exercise caution when using water. Your windows may crack as a result of the water’s temperature difference from the glass.

It Matters How You Wash

What kind of car wash facility you use is what sub-freezing car washing really boils down to. Given the subfreezing temperatures, hand washing a car in the winter is obviously out of the question. What about professional car washes? In below-freezing temperatures, are car washes still safe to use? Almost always, a closed-off, heated washing bay or tunnel is present at any professional car wash that can stay open in below-freezing temperatures. Let’s concentrate on these washes in particular: touchless tunnel, soft touch tunnel, full service, and gas station type touchless in-bay automatic.

Why Is Car Washing Important In The Winter?

These are the main reasons why you would want to keep your car clean even in freezing weather:

  • Rust prevention.
  • guarding against humidity
  • Visibility issues.
  • Tire grip.

What Could Go Wrong If You Wash Your Car In The Cold?

When temperatures are really low, there are some serious risks involved in washing your car if you’re not well prepared for it:

  • frozen locks and doors.
  • slipping and getting hurt.
  • Getting frostbite.
  • Water on the car is frozen.

Final Thoughts

You now know that there really is such a thing as weather being too cold to wash your car and that these aren’t just made-up reasons to put off doing something that almost nobody likes to do.

However, none of this really depends on the kind of car you drive.

It is still prohibited to wash a car outside when it is below freezing. To prevent damage, it is necessary to wash the dirt and salt off your car’s exterior during the winter.

Only if they can guarantee manual and complete drying of your vehicle at the conclusion of the procedure is it best to turn to a professional. If not, doing it yourself will probably be preferable.

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