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How to Replace Prius Battery – Cost & Replacement

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in finding out how to replace Prius batteries & how much a Toyota Prius battery replacement will cost. Continue reading to find out more about the cost, how frequently this procedure should occur, and some warning signs that indicate your battery is about to die. Let’s start because there is a lot to discuss.

Toyota Prius battery replacement prices range from $1,023 to $1,235. This cost includes both the service’s cost and payment. If you can replace it yourself, it will cost less.

Common Symptoms Of A Failing Prius Hybrid Battery

But first, some background information before you make any decisions. How certain are you that the battery in your hybrid car is the issue? Let’s go over the most typical causes of a failing Toyota Prius hybrid battery.

  • Increased fuel usage. Before your hybrid battery died, did you notice a rise in fuel usage? The engine will step in to fill in for the battery if there is a problem, which results in more fuel being used.
  • fluctuations in the charge’s state. A battery issue may be the cause of sudden increases or decreases in your car’s charge stage.
  • Engine noises that are strange. This might indicate that your internal combustion engine (ICE) is operating harder than usual. When the battery isn’t performing its fair share, it does that.
  • lower miles per gallon (MPG). Before your hybrid battery died, did you notice that you were going to the gas station more frequently? That might indicate that your battery isn’t fully charged.

Are any or all of the aforementioned signs present in your Toyota Prius? It’s time to have your hybrid battery inspected.

How to Change A Prius 12-volt Battery

The Toyota Prius has two batteries inside: a big 200-volt battery that powers the car when it is in electric mode and a little 12-volt battery that powers the accessories like the lights and radio. The purpose of this article is to explain how to swap out the smaller 12-volt battery.

Unlike the majority of automobiles, changing or installing this battery is not an easy task. There are numerous objects blocking the way from finishing the work, and it is hidden in the trunk rather than under the hood. Nevertheless, it is not particularly challenging as long as you are aware of its location and the steps required to gain access to it. The average homeowner should have no trouble completing the task, and it shouldn’t take too long. A mechanic with some experience who had never changed a Prius battery completed the changeover depicted in the photos in about a half-hour.

The battery in the Prius will eventually wear out, just like every other car battery. It is typically good for 5 to 6 years, but it can last longer. Unfortunately, it loses power if left in place for too long and will stop working much faster if the car isn’t driven every day. Because the car will keep trying to recharge the battery to full status even though it can no longer accept a full charge, an overage battery can also have a negative impact on how much gas your Prius uses. That uses fuel, fuel that could be used to move the car instead of being wasted trying to charge a partially dead battery.

Check the following video to learn how to change a Prius 12-volt battery:

Cost to Replace a Toyota Prius Battery

A hybrid car’s battery replacement costs more than one for a regular car. Toyota Prius battery replacement prices range from $1,023 to $1,235, according to The cost of the service is included in this amount. If you can replace it yourself, it will cost less.

The price of a Toyota Prius battery replacement depends on a number of variables.

  • The location the service occurs
  • The brand/type of battery used in the Toyota Prius
  • The state the service takes place in

These factors have the potential to affect how much it costs to replace the battery in a Toyota Prius.

Knowing how frequently to replace a battery is essential now that we’ve talked about the price range for doing so. This maintenance should not be carried out too soon, but it should also not be put off for too long. Next, let’s talk about this time period.

Does The Battery In Your Toyota Prius Still Have A Warranty?

You’ll be able to exhale with relief if it is. You just need to call your dealership and let them handle it. As stated in the warranty, they’ll perform any required repairs or replacements at no cost to you.

The warranty coverage for the Prius hybrid battery is 8 years and 100,000 miles, as per Toyota’s terms and regulations, and 10 years and 150,000 miles for vehicles from the 2020 model year and those registered in states that follow California’s emissions regulations.

You have the same two options if your Prius hybrid battery is no longer covered by a warranty: replace it or have it repaired. The better option will obviously depend on the extent of the damage, its symptoms, your budget, and your top priorities.

Replace Prius Battery

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement

The need to restart your life arises at some point for hybrid car owners. beginnings, new beginnings, and everything like that.

Because at the end of the day, a new hybrid battery performs better and lasts longer than a repaired or reconditioned one. That depends on the hybrid car’s make, model, and the store where you purchase it.

However, let’s provide you with something to work with. Your new Toyota Prius hybrid battery will cost you at least $3,600 (including installation, plus sales tax), if we’re talking dealership prices.

Yes, it’s expensive, but if you buy a replacement battery from a third-party specialty store or supplier (but more on that in a moment), you can get a new one for a lower cost.

Benefits Of Driving A Prius

Driving a Toyota Prius has a lot of advantages besides just its obvious fuel efficiency. Here are some of the top reasons for owning one:

  • Spacious interior
  • Standard safety features
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Good visibility
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Plenty of cargo capacity
  • Responsive steering and handling

Furthermore, according to the experts at Motorcells, if you take care of your Prius and keep up with routine maintenance, you should be able to get at least 200,000 miles out of it.

The Prius may appear small from the outside, but passengers in the front seats will have plenty of head and legroom. You and your passengers will feel safe and secure on the road thanks to the vehicle’s many standards and optional safety features. Pre-collision warning and lane departure alert are just a couple of the Toyota Safety Sense features that come with it. This car has wide-opening doors that make getting in and out a breeze. When getting in and out of the car, there is enough space to prevent hitting your head on the doorframe.

Any driver will find this car simple to operate because all the controls are accessible from the driver’s seat and are labeled clearly. Even some of the controls are mounted directly on the steering wheel, which makes it easier to keep your eyes on the road. The front roof pillars won’t obstruct your view, and the big windshield in the front makes it easy to see the road. Thanks to the 60/40 split rear seats, there is a ton of cargo space. If you need to transport bulky items, you can easily fold them down.

To complement this hybrid vehicle, a wide range of cutting-edge options are available. A navigation system is an optional feature of the infotainment system, which has a touch-screen display. Other technology features include:

  • USB ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice-commands
  • Stereo system

Your Prius has excellent handling and responsive steering, so enjoy the ride. It won’t jerk you around when you give the steering commands; it will naturally comply. Feel the responsive, secure handling that gives you the assurance to drive on a winding or busy road.

What to Remember When Determining the Cost to Replace a Prius Battery?

Of course, the model and year of your car must be taken into account when figuring out how much it will cost to replace a Prius hybrid battery. Depending on the business you’re looking to buy from, hybrid batteries typically cost between $1,000 and $4,000.

But it’s important to remember that you’ll only have to pay this expense once every six to eight years, which means that for the majority of the time, the gas savings and tax benefits your hybrid offers you will outweigh the hassle of replacement by a significant margin. The expense of replacing your battery can be managed without too much stress because your Prius is an investment.

Replacing Your Prius Battery With Bumblebee Batteries

If you go to Bumblebee Batteries, the cost to replace a Prius hybrid battery is even more affordable. Both the new and rebuilt batteries that we provide are reasonably priced and have a very long lifespan. The BeeMax line of batteries, which we recently introduced, are comparable to those you might find on the market from an original manufacturer. However, our Prius BeeLine batteries, which are created from salvageable cells from old batteries, are an even more affordable line we provide. Although these batteries are less expensive, you shouldn’t assume that the quality will be any lower.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace a Prius Battery?

The hybrid battery pack is in danger of failing if the P0A80 code is displayed using an automotive code reader like FIXD. Even if the battery completely dies, you can still operate the vehicle as long as there is gas in it. Since auto stop-start, brake regeneration, and EV-only driving capabilities won’t be available, your main problem will be much lower fuel economy. Please read our article on the most typical causes of a Toyota Prius check engine light illuminating.

Being a parallel hybrid, the Prius can continue to run on just battery power or just gasoline. Since this is how the car was intended to be driven, you should get both components working at their peak efficiency.

How Often to Replace a Prius Battery?

In general, you might need to replace the Prius battery after several years and perhaps a few battery cell replacements or minor repairs. Battery replacement is covered by a warranty for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles in the majority of Toyota hybrid vehicles. Since the Prius has been around for a while and has several generations and sub-models, always check the owner’s manual and any official news updates regarding your particular Toyota Prius.

Common Symptoms That You Need to Replace a Prius Battery

  • Lower fuel economy
  • Losing battery charge faster
  • Difficulties charging the battery to full
  • Unusual noises while driving
  • Combustion engine working harder in normal driving
  • P0A80 code for Prius battery pack issues

Your Prius might function, albeit imperfectly, with a damaged battery pack, or it might be just about undrivable, depending on the model and year. If the battery pack hasn’t lasted as long as the owner’s manual states it should, you might want to have the car checked for other issues that might have contributed to the battery’s issue.

Related Maintenance Services

The following services are commonly performed with Prius battery replacement:

  • Hybrid battery repair
  • Hybrid cooling system service or replacement
  • Electronic repairs for digital components that read the engine and battery’s performances

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