Convertible Rear Window

How To Replace The Convertible Rear Window?

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Luxury vehicles that can be lowered to allow for open-air driving include convertible cars. Some convertibles have glass windows on the back, which serve a number of purposes, including but not limited to giving strong frames for top attachments and guaranteeing clear views when you’re cruising down your favorite roads with friends or family in town. These tops shouldn’t be too difficult to glue together. Just make sure there is enough preparation done before alignment. A gap could form under pressure if something doesn’t fit as flush as possible against the frames on both sides.

How To Replace Convertible Rear Window?

Time required:
Depending on the temperature and humidity, this should take 2 to 3 hours to complete and at least a day for the glue to cure.
Tools and materials needed:
* Razor scraper.
* a piece of sandpaper, ideally between 60 and 100 grit. Used is fine.)
* Utility knife.
* Preferably a dry-erase marker with a fine point.
* 9” stick, preferably about 1” thick. (See photos.)
* Packing tape.
* one or two towels or rags.
* the paper towel roll.
* 3M Glass Primer is available as item #08682 (30ml) or #08681 (125ml). 30ml is more than enough. Available online.
* 3M Adhesive Windo-Weld 10.5 oz. tube [#08609] . Available online.
* A caulking gun.
* many pairs of latex gloves.
* Aproximately 8 full-sized towels, rolled up tightly as in the pictures (the kind you’d use for a shower).
* a dropcloth or two (to shield your seats from glue).
* a utility light, portable electric lantern, or flashlight so you can see clearly and work in the dark window well.
* An assistant is optional, but I’d advise having one available for the final stage of taping and gluing for about five minutes.

Step 1: Applying your glue, it is crucial to clean the glass. To make sure it’s clean and free of gooey residue, get a bottle of cleaner and some paper towels.

Step 2: Weld-bond glue the edges of your glass with a bead. Apply that prepared piece carefully and evenly to the top. For the best outcomes, make sure to keep it straight! This entire process will be much simpler to complete with two people than it would be with just one.

Step 3: Apply pressure to the fabric surrounding your convertible top for at least three minutes.

Step 4: Use paper towels to remove any excess glue or seeping after you’ve finished applying the glue. If it begins to dry, simply use the same swabs to rub off any dried residue using a cotton ball dipped in fingernail polish with an acetone base!

Twelve hours after installation, wipe down the car’s windows with glass cleaner. You must wait 12 hours before getting behind the wheel again to make sure that all of the newly installed glazing glue has fully cured.

What Sort Of Glue Is Applied To A Convertible Top?

very good glue. like super glue only better. no expansion like “Gorilla Glue”. Position the top in a half-up position so the material is relaxed and the seam is accessible from the outside and inside behind the headliner.

Do You Know How To Fix A Convertible Top?

Step 1: Clean the repair area with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or body oils that may impact a good bond onto the convertible top. Step 3: Apply a piece of Tenacious Tape (included in the Soft Top Repair Kit) on top of the hurt area. This repair tape should extend at least 1” beyond the rip, tear, or hole.

How Is A Convertible Top Put On?

  1. To reveal the top fastening points, remove interior panels in step one.
  2. Remove the back window in step two.
  3. Remove the top from the front, sides, and window frames in step three.
  4. Step 4: Take off the old top and the rear trim stick.
  5. 5th Step: Install New Top on Vehicle.
  6. Install Windows in Step 6.
  7. Step 7: Change every piece of trim and hardware.

A Convertible Top Seam Needs To Be Fixed, But How?

Align the seam as it was originally (have someone help hold things together while you apply glue and clamps). Apply the glue, and clamp the entire length of seam you are gluing for best results. Do it in 4- 6 inch stages if you have a long repair it takes time getting things lined up and clamped properly.

A Streetka’s Rear Window Can Be Removed In A Few Easy Steps.

To remove the rear window you need new zip retaining clips for when you refit it. Remove the old zip retaining clips then use a thin screwdriver to release the zip as shown below. You then turn the top over and cut the adhesive from between the rear window and the overlapping fabric the window then comes out.

How Much Does A New Mustang Convertible Top Cost?

New Mustang Convertible Tops Available at CJ’s

While nothing will ever replace the sentimental value of your very first one, CJ Pony Parts offers hundreds of premium Mustang convertible tops that can help remind you of the good ole days.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Mustang Windshield?

On average a single windshield replacement costs us about $125-150 to break even.

What’s The Procedure For Securing A 2018 Mustang’s Convertible Top?

Close the convertible top by stopping the car in a safe location and putting the car in “Lower the sun visors on both sides. Both latches should be pulled outward in your direction. Press and hold the “Convertible” button until the top fully closes. Push both latches forward to lock the convertible top back in place.

Can You Tint A Plastic Convertible Window?

The only real way to tint a plastic back window is using that spray stuff people use on tail lights. But it probably won’t look good. Most tint shops won’t tint plastic windows because the film won’t have the same effect as on glass windows.

How Is A Streetka’s Rear Window Changed?

To replace the rear window you need to remove the convertible top first. Open the roof storage compartment lid and unlock the roof as if you were lowering it. Then, release the clips holding the struts to the lid and take them off. Next, do as shown below to remove each side’s upper bolts for the soft top.

How Are Soft-top Windows Cleaned?

The easiest way to clean your Jeep plastic windows is to use mild dishwashing liquid and warm water and a soft clean terry cloth. Rinse them well and dry with a soft clean terry cloth. Apply a protectant to extend the life of your plastic/vinyl windows.

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